The SAR-Team is available on call worldwide within 6 hours.

Search- and Rescue-Team

The SAR-Team is available on call worldwide within 6 hours. Survival chances after 72 hours decline rapidly for those trapped under debris, thus making standby volunteers a necessity.

Upon indication from the United Nations (INSARAG) of a possible assignment overseas, the task-force is set into an early warning phase. 6 hours after the alarm is given the task-force is available at any German airport ready to go.

Equipment of highest technical specifications

The Equipment of I.S.A.R Germany is prepared in an air cargo container. This container allows easy transport on any national airline carrier.

Total weight of the equipment is approximately 11 tons. Contents are as follows; Position finders (Endoscope camera, video inspection system, mechanical stethoscope etc.), rescue equipment (breakers, core drill, hydraulic lifter etc.), wide scope of medical equipment and supplies, necessary logistic supplies (tents, food supplies for 10 days for the entire team, and drinking water purification unit etc.).

The declaration of Dangerous Goods is filled out by specially trained I.S.A.R. German Experts (ICAO/IATA/DGR category I). This ensures quick processing of the equipment upon arrival at the airport.

Wide range of tasks

Tasks belonging to the SAR-Teams are as follows:

• Qualified exploration of the operational site.
• Use of certified Rescue dog teams in detecting injured or missing persons.
• Technical localization with optical detectors and use of acoustic listening devices.
• Rescue of trapped persons by means of breaking hammers, angle grinders, chain saws, concrete chain saws, core drills, etc.
• Assisted communication via satellite
• Catering and support for volunteer workers ( sufficient supplies allowing volunteers to be self-sufficient for up to 10 days)
• Airlift rescue
• Illumination of emergency response centers ( Power-Moon, modern HQI Lamps (halide powered lamps))
• Support of the OSOCC (Main control established through the United Nations)


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